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Are customer reviews important for a katana?

The short answer is "Yes". A handmade product, each katana would be unique and hard to give a simple rating. But, some consumers need to use customer reviews during the shopping journey to understand the product and the business service.

Are those reviews reliable?

Online reviews can be reliable, but they can also be unreliable, biased, or even fake. As consumers increasingly rely on online reviews to make purchase decisions, the product's sales become dependent on those reviews. As a result, many online businesses attempt to manipulate online reviews of products to increase their sales.
On some famous eCommerce sites, like Amazon, a positive review could come from the seller or the product manufacturer, and a negative review could be from competitors. They create those reviews in exchange for financial or non-financial interest. Even worse, some reviews and feedbacks are not from a real buyer. The same thing is happening on other eCommerce websites.

After considering those issues, we would like to share some email communications with you, then, you can know better about our products and services from those real stories.


You like our products !

 You are happy with our service!

 You will be our loyal customer!

We make sure the item arrives to you safely!

We worked together to resolve the misunderstanding, and you helped us to correct the fake information about us on the Internet!

We help VIC customer to avoid possible legal issue!


Thank you! Our valued customers. We can't make it without you!

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